Art is a story without words and yet Sophie Bayeux speaks to us. Through the matter and her devotion to creating her being never ceases to express itself. Her works resonate an invitation to harmony, to humility. Far from stereotype structures, her work reveals that all concept based on an ephemeral brings forth confusion.

From early to recent works the evolution of her work evokes the path of salmonidae. A journey far from home but with the permanent desire to create and perpetuate the true/real and sacred. Artists, since the beginning of time, awaken the conscience and transgress the norm.

Through her sculptures and against the current of stagnant ideologies, SB adresses us with 'I'm Hungry', 'You're not there', 'Heart of War/Israel-Palestine', 'You are here', 'GMO', 'The presidents'. Her work is a weapon of massive reconstruction. To cut out, to sew and to color consequently seem a discharge system vis-à-vis the tearings of the planet.

Artist is who inspires. For our greater pleasure, SB communicates, shares and invites to assessment . Without slackening and with passion, with or without words.

Andrea Visconti

«L’art naît de contraintes, vit de luttes, et meurt de libertés» André Gide